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News for 2012

Gibbon Match Converter

10.06.2012 — The next minor Gibbon release (0.2) will include a command-line tool for converting matches between GNUBG's and Gibbon's SGF format, JavaFIBS' internal format, JellyFish, and a new format (Gibbon Match Dump) which is used by Gibbon internally. ... more

Test Server Usable

10.06.2012 — The test server for Gibbon is now usable. It has basic support for all features that Gibbon needs plus a lot of bugs. ... more

Building and Installing Gibbon Under Gentoo

11.02.2012 — Gentoo users can now automatically build and install Gibbon on their system. Activating the unofficial portage overlay that contains the ebuild for Gibbon is easy. ... more

Version 0.1.1 Released

07.02.2012 — The first bugfix release of Gibbon is available. It fixes most known bugs and also features a workaround for displaying the online help under Windows. ... more