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Gibbon Match Converter

06/10/2012 — The next minor Gibbon release (0.2) will include a command-line tool for converting matches between GNUBG's and Gibbon's SGF format, JavaFIBS' internal format, JellyFish, and a new format (Gibbon Match Dump) which is used by Gibbon internally.

When you compile the latest sources from Git, you will find a new program src/gibbon-convert. Running “gibbon-convert --help” gives a short usage overview.

The program is actually a by-product of the current development steps. We are currently working on recording and saving matches, and later let them automatically analyse by GNUBG. Importing your old matches from JavaFIBS is also on the todo list. The parsers and output modules for the various formats are prerequisites for these development goals.

The new GMD (Gibbon Match Dump) format will be used internally for recording ongoing matches. The GMD format resembles the internal representation of a backgammon match very closely. It has the additional advantage that match files on disk can be updated by appending to the file only, without seeking or parsing the current content.

Finished matches will be archived as SGF. This will facilitate the data exchange with other software, notably GNUBG.

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