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News for 2011

First Alpha Release

23.12.2011 — The first alpha release for Gibbon is available! ... more

Land Ahoy

28.11.2011 — A first alpha release of Gibbon can be expected before Christmas. You can play complete matches with Gibbon. Doubling and resignations have been implemented recently. ... more

Register FIBS Account With Gibbon

28.08.2011 — Gibbon can now create an account for you on FIBS. The link to the Java applet has vanished and has been replaced by a button that opens the registration dialog. ... more

Geographical IP Lookup

28.08.2011 — Gibbon shows you where your potential opponents currently are on this planet. Next to the players' names you see a flag showing you that players location. ... more

Building a Windows Installer

19.07.2011 — After investing a couple of evenings, Gibbon now builds and runs under Windows. It now even has a setup.exe that automatically installs or uninstalls the software. While the story of that installer will be completely boring for the vast majority of people, programmers - especially with a Unix background - may be interested in hearing about it. ... more

Website Relaunch

24.06.2011 — As a side-effect to my regular work, a new web site for Gibbon has been launched! The whole thing is still a little dodgy. That will be fixed as soon as the weather becomes bad here. ... more

Dropper Detection Explained

19.06.2011 — Next to the players' names, colored bars show up that signify whether it is worth the while playing these people. But how are these values computed? ... more

Server Communication Works

07.03.2011 — You can now fire commands to the server and see the result in the server communication area: ... more

Gibbon On Facebook

13.02.2011 — Gibbon now has its own Facebook page! ... more

Class Creator For GLib/Gtk+

02.02.2011 — I was fed up doing search & replace all over again, when creating new GLib classes. I ended up writing a little GLib class creator in Perl. ... more

SGF Library Almost Ready

07.01.2011 — Gibbon is making slow, but steady progress. The SGF library libgsgf is mostly ready now. Adding support for the currently missing properties is mostly stereotype work. The SGF type system should be almost complete. ... more