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Land Ahoy

11/27/2011 — A first alpha release of Gibbon can be expected before Christmas. You can play complete matches with Gibbon. Doubling and resignations have been implemented recently.

If it is important for you to be able to replay and analyse your matches on FIBS, you should still wait a little. Saving all matches as SGF, the native format of GNU backgammon, is on the roadmap but not yet implemented. There are a number of other showstoppers, a wealth of unimplemented important features, but the program can now do the basic things.

What is missing for an alpha release? For example, a working build for Windows. The old development environment has went the way of all bits and bytes thanks to a hardware failure. By the way, volunteers for Windows builds are still welcome!

A bug tracking system is also still missing. But a registration for Gibbon at Savannah is currently pending. Once, the registration process is completed, the Git repository will move to Savannah, and you can file bugs and feature requests to Savannah. Stay tuned!

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