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Server Communication Works

03/07/2011 — You can now fire commands to the server and see the result in the server communication area:

Server Commands

This looks like just a small progress but it basically allows you to do all your FIBS communication with Gibbon now, just like in the old telnet days.

The next steps are:

  • Remember a history that can be recovered with the cursor keys.

  • Implement auto-completion.

You can also already see the future way of handling chat actions during the game, see the chat area under the backgammon board on the left side of the user interface. The three FIBS commands "say", "whisper", and "kibitz" are boiled down into two flags/buttons "talk to players" and "talk to watchers".

If you are currently playing the mapping is as follows:


The default. Also set for "talk to players" but not "talk to watchers".


When set "talk to watchers" but not "talk to players".


When set "talk to players" but not "talk to watchers".

You cannot unset both buttons. In this case you are automatically put into the default state.

When you are not currently playing, the "say" command is not available on FIBS. It will therefore be disabled in this case.

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