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Gibbon News For 2009

SVG Based Board Design

18.10.2009 — The initial idea of a board designer has been dropped. Instead, Gibbon now uses SVG graphics for the board representation. ... more

Checkers and Dice Are Visbile

03.10.2009 — The last couple of days have brought many changes under the hood. And we have a crude representation of checkers and dice. ... more

Connection under Windows

30.09.2009 — I finally figured out the Trumpet Winsock API and gibbon is now able to connect to the internet under MS-DOS: ... more

First Windows Version

29.09.2009 — Gibbon has been successfully compiled for Windows. Any volunteers for packaging Windows binaries? ... more

Board Display

29.09.2009 — The empty backgammon board now gets displayed. ... more

First Successful Login

17.06.2011 — The first successful login on FIBS. ... more

Skeleton for Gibbon

19.09.2009 — A very basic skeleton for Gibbon is up and running. Basically this is a proof-of-concept for the build environment. ... more

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